A familiar face

photo : private

Looking into
a familiar face


Are we facing the truth?


How many people can a person know?
People you know well, people you just met,

people you have yet to meet.
People close to me can be unfamiliar to you.
People close to me can be unfamiliar to me,
and yet you, who have never met them,

see yourself in their faces.
The simple task unites us;
unites me and them and you and them and me and you
in looking.

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More tea is better   (or is it)

photo : private

Ask real questions and you'll get real answers; or do you?
We want our visiting tea drinkers to consider just how much
their cuppa is worth to the local community of farmers
and to the global environment.

the performance will be at Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017 (STOFF 2017) 6th&7th September 2017 (details on page 48 in the program)

and has previously been to Porgrunn Internationale Theatre Festival16th June 2016

the tea is sponsored by confecta


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