Think as you drink.

For 2016 pause is planning a project about how fair Fairtrade is. What conditions do tea plant workers face? Do we as consumers get what we ask for when we buy "sustainable" products?

We will travel in Norway and Sweden asking questions and drinking tea with everyone willing to discuss Fairtrade - from consumers to distributors and people working directly for Fairtrade. Questions, experiences, answers and video will be collected in a portable installation.

Ask real questions and you'll get real answers – or do you? We want to draw attention to that skeptics and promotors of 'the right kind' of food perform, however genuine they seem.

We also want people stop in the hustle and bustle that is modern life, and to take a moment to reflect and react. We want to tone down the experience of a festival for a minute, sit down and get down to business. We want our visiting tea drinkers to consider just how much their cuppa is worth to the local community of farmers and to the global environment.